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Re: More incompatibility :-) RE: PATCH: 3.1.9-dev-8: Re: Word splitting in zsh

> The two possible solutions to this are (1) make ${=...} behave the way
> Andrej says is "logical", so that e.g. with shwordsplit turned off, in
> ${=x+${y}} no word splitting would happen at all (because it's not on
> in $y, even though it's on for $x; or (2) figure out how to reset the
> value of mult_spbreak to 0 during $(...) (mult_shwsplit is ignored if
> mult_spbreak is 0).
> (1) actually means removing mult_spbreak and mult_shwsplit entirely; I
> put them in because I thought to do otherwise would be too great a
> behavior change from the way zsh works without the patch.

I'd go for the original patch, plus (1).  Almost certainly if there are
side effects we won't find out until the patch is in place anyway.

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