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Bug w/matching control

I'm seeing a problem with matching control and characters being deleted. I'm
using the data from workers/13320

I've attached a patch to 54compmatch.  I think the output should be the same as
the previous testcase.  Though this time with input of "g-2", we get a
"glibc-", with the 2 deleted.  This isn't checked in, since it won't pass.

The actual output seen from the test is:
! line: {tst glibc}{-2.1.94-3.i386.rpm}
--- 1,3 ----
! line: {tst glibc-}{}


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Index: 54compmatch.ztst
RCS file: /cvsroot/zsh/zsh/Test/54compmatch.ztst,v
retrieving revision 1.8
diff -r1.8 54compmatch.ztst
>  test_code $workers_13320_matcher workers_13320_list
>  comptest $'tst g-2\t'
> 0:Test from workers 13320
> >line: {tst glibc}{-2.1.94-3.i386.rpm}

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