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I've uploaded

The main change here is probably Sven's optimisations which should make
script execution rather faster.

I'll post a separate message to zsh users about the test releases.

2001-03-08  Peter Stephenson  <pws@xxxxxxx>

	* unposted: Config/version.mk: 4.0.1-pre-2.

	* unposted: Functions/Zle/.distfiles, Completion/Core/.distfiles,
	Completion/Base/.distfiles, Completion/User/.distfiles: dist more

2001-03-08  Sven Wischnowsky  <wischnow@xxxxxxx>

	* 13591: Completion/User/_init_d: try to find out the sub commands
 	to complete in _init_d
2001-03-07 Felix Rosencrantz <f_rosencrantz@xxxxxxxxx>

	* 13590: Test/54compmatch.ztst: Added another test case
        that covers the bug mentioned in workers/13563.  The case
        is based on a bug mentioned in workers/13320.

2001-03-07  Sven Wischnowsky  <wischnow@xxxxxxx>

	* 13589: Src/mem.c, Src/parse.c, Src/zsh.h: two optimisations; use
 	a binary tree to avoid duplicate strings in ecstrcode(); keep a
 	pointer to newly allocated heaps to avoid having to search for a
 	heap with free space in most cases
2001-03-07  Andrej Borsenkow <bor@xxxxxxx>

	* unposted: configure.in, aczsh.m4: support building with
	GCC on ReliantUNIX; use AC_TRY_COMMAND for better diagnostic

2001-03-06  Oliver Kiddle  <opk@xxxxxxx>

	* unposted: Completion/User/.distfiles, Completion/User/_webbrowser:
	include _w3m and don't complete w3m with _webbrowser

2001-03-06  Clint Adams  <schizo@xxxxxxxxxx>

	* unposted: Completion/User/_w3m: complete for w3m.

2001-03-06  Bart Schaefer  <schaefer@xxxxxxx>

	* 13583: Test/54compmatch.ztst: Tweak doc strings for accuracy.

2001-03-06  Sven Wischnowsky  <wischnow@xxxxxxx>

	* 13576: Src/lex.c, Src/parse.c: make the parser use real memory
 	for the ecbuf to avoid having hrealloc() throw away lots of memory
	* 13575: Src/Zle/compmatch.c: another fix for completion matching,
 	CLF_MISS in the wrong cline struct
2001-03-06  Andrej Borsenkow <bor@xxxxxxx>

	* 13544, 13568 (Peter): Completion/Core/_ignored,
	Completion/Core/_main_complete, Completion/Core/_prefix,
	Completion/Core/compinstall, Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo: allow
	matchers in matcher-list to augment as well as replace
	previous matcher list

	* unposted: Etc/CONTRIBUTORS: use zsh.org mail address (courtesy
	of Geoff) for me :-)

2001-03-05  Sven Wischnowsky  <wischnow@xxxxxxx>

	* 13566: Completion/Builtins/_aliases, Completion/Core/_expand_alias,
 	Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo: new _expand_aliases to, well, expand aliases
	* 13565: Src/Zle/compmatch.c, Src/Zle/compresult.c,
 	Test/54compmatch.ztst: fix for matching control, try harder to
 	merge separately completed parts to avoid losing user-typed
2001-03-04  Peter Stephenson  <pws@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

	* Unposted: Etc/FAQ.yo: latest version.

	* Unposted: Etc/NEWS, Etc/CONTRIBUTORS: changes aimed at 4.0.1

2001-02-28  Bart Schaefer  <schaefer@xxxxxxx>

	* users/3649: Completion/Commands/_bash_completions,
	Completion/Commands/_next_tags: Same as 13555 below, but for all
	the other places where $_comp_options was referenced.

2001-02-28  Oliver Kiddle  <opk@xxxxxxx>

	* 13555: Completion/Core/_main_complete: handle ksh_arrays on the
	setopt line to fix problem from users/3648

2001-02-28  Sven Wischnowsky  <wischnow@xxxxxxx>

	* 13554: Completion/Core/compinit, Doc/Zsh/options.yo, Src/lex.c,
 	Src/options.c, Src/zsh.h, Src/Zle/compcore.c, Src/Zle/compctl.c,
 	Src/Zle/zle_tricky.c: add `aliases' option to be able to disable
 	alias expansion
2001-02-26  Sven Wischnowsky  <wischnow@xxxxxxx>

	* 13536: Completion/Base/_sub_commands, Completion/Core/_normal,
 	Completion/User/_apachectl, Completion/User/_init_d: some small
 	functions for completing sub-commands (generic function, init
 	scripts, apachectl)
	* 13534: Completion/Builtins/_fc, Completion/Builtins/_hash,
 	Completion/Builtins/_source, Completion/Builtins/_which,
 	Completion/Builtins/_zftp, Completion/User/_man,
 	Completion/User/_nedit: change $words[1] to $service in some more
	* 13530: Src/hist.c: properly restore noaliases in bufferwords()
2001-02-22  Peter Stephenson  <pws@xxxxxxx>

	* 13520: Completion/Builtin/_vars_eq: use $service to decide
	on service; shorten description to avoid dreaded 80-character
	redisplay bug.

2001-02-20  Sven Wischnowsky  <wischnow@xxxxxxx>

	* 13509: Src/jobs.c: more (|un)queue_signals(), this time for the
 	job control builtins
2001-02-19  Peter Stephenson  <pws@xxxxxxx>

	* Alexandre: 13280: Doc/Zsh/expn.yo, Src/hist.c, Src/string.c,
	  Src/system.h:  More sh-like and path-like handling of colon

2001-02-17  Peter Stephenson  <pws@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

	* unposted: Doc/Zsh/metafaq.yo: site name change from Geoff.

	* 13497: Src/pattern.c: `?##' didn't work.

2001-02-16  Bart Schaefer  <schaefer@xxxxxxx>

	* 13495: Follow-up to 13492 to un-break "${(A)=foo=$@}".

2001-02-16  Sven Wischnowsky  <wischnow@xxxxxxx>

	* 13494: Completion/Core/compinit: make `compdef foo=bar' use the
 	service defined for `bar' if there is any
2001-02-16  Bart Schaefer  <schaefer@xxxxxxx>

	* 13492: Src/subst.c: Partial fix for ${1+"$@"} expanding to
	an array (still doesn't handle shwordsplit properly); fix so
	"${(A)foo=$@}" does *not* expand to an array, even though an
	array is assigned to $foo.

2001-02-14  Clint Adams  <schizo@xxxxxxxxxx>

	* unposted: Src/params.c: remove unused variable declaration.

	* 13478: Src/builtins.c: don't call dyncat with a NULL argument.

2001-02-14  Peter Stephenson  <pws@xxxxxxx>

	* 13473: Makefile.in, Doc/Zsh/options.yo: small changes suggested
	in zsh-users/3524 for CSH_NULL_GLOB description and 13245 for
	cleaning config.modules.

2001-02-14  Clint Adams  <schizo@xxxxxxxxxx>

	* 13323: Functions/Zle/edit-command-line: handle
	multi-line buffers.

Peter Stephenson <pws@xxxxxxx>                  Software Engineer
CSR Ltd., Unit 300, Science Park, Milton Road,
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