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Re: PATCH: Re: History Up key

(I've shifted this to zsh-workers.)

Andrej wrote:
> It's not worse than it was in 3.0.x - but why not use termcap/terminfo to
> find
> esc for arrow keys? After all, not everybody is using vt100 (but I admit,
> that real terminals now-a-days are probably something very exotic). It
> will make these default bindings more useful.

One problem is with the fact that with there are certain circumstances
where you can't rely on just \e[A, or just \eOA, or whatever termcap
reports, but may need the other one, due to strange keypad modes.  But
there's nothing in principle to stop us using both these two and whatever
we get from termcap; or maybe looking to see if we got \e[A and also
binding \eOA and vice versa.

I think Zefram had some reservations about binding to the arbitrary strings
you might get from termcap.  But maybe these have been resolved.

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