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I started using the new zsh completion system (as I told you in a previous
mail, I just switched from zsh-3.08, which is shipped with redhat 7.0, to
zsh-4.0.1-pre2). I like it a lot, but I have a little problem: I noticed when I
update my web document tree, and I need to checkout .htaccess from the RCS
directory, the completion code doen't find it. The reason is because the
autoloaded _rcs function has in it the assignment


and this eliminates hidden files like RCS/.htaccess,v from the rep array. Is
there a reason why we don't add the D qualifier (GLOB_DOTS) to the globbing
pattern, i.e., 


to allow for hidden files in the RCS directory? I think this comment may refer
to some other completion functions as well, but I haven't checked them.

All the best,


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