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Troublesome Key Bindings

Dear Friends,

I am using zsh in vi insert mode (being an fanatic ViM user). After doing
compinit, which introduced many new key binding, I started having troubles in
history searches: Although most of the new bindings have the prefix ^X, there
are three with a prefix ^[, i.e., the escape character. These are

	"^[," _history-complete-newer
	"^[/" _history-complete-older
	"^[~" _bash_complete-word

The second of this trio is ***very troublesome***, to say the least!!! To
search the history in vi mode, I have to hit the escape character - to switch
to vi command mode, and then the slash character. Since I have done that for
quite some time now, I find it quite difficult to pause methodically between
the two characters! And the result is that I get into the
_history-complete-older booby trap! The zsh man page says:

	     As  some  of  these  bindings
              clash  with  standard  zsh bindings, only `\e~' and
              `^X~' are bound by default.  To add the  rest,  the
              following  should be added to .zshrc 

etc. I added the line

	bindkey -r \\e/

to my .zshrc right after the compinit invocation, but I think the correct
default behavior should be the one stated in the man page.


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"If you can't say somethin' nice, don't say nothin' at all." -- Thumper (1942)
                               Wednesday, 19 Adar 5761, 14 March 2001, 10:08AM

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