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RE: Troublesome Key Bindings

[I believe, it's more for zsh-users actually]

> "Zvi Har'El" <rl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > I am using zsh in vi insert mode (being an fanatic ViM user). After doing
> > compinit, which introduced many new key binding, I started having
> troubles in
> > history searches: Although most of the new bindings have the
> prefix ^X, there
> > are three with a prefix ^[, i.e., the escape character. These are
> >
> > 	"^[," _history-complete-newer
> > 	"^[/" _history-complete-older
> > 	"^[~" _bash_complete-word
> >
> > The second of this trio is ***very troublesome***, to say the least!!! To
> > search the history in vi mode, I have to hit the escape character
> - to switch
> > to vi command mode, and then the slash character.
> It's only the _bash* functions that depend on the particular binding ---
> and that's only to make it easy to set things up like bash; they actually
> do basic completion things which can be managed other ways (they weren't
> intended to be anything more than a simple trick for compatibility).

The point is, these bindings clash with standard vi usage. Dead-heart vi'ers
do many things automatically; ESC-/ is one of them - and here the above
bindings cut in.

Zsh just tries bind too much by default; probably, compinit should just
redefine standard context-sensitive completion bindings leaving everything
else to user choice. But then we need some simple framework to selectively
activate additional bindings.

The problem is, most people on this list seem to use emacs mode; I was the
last one but switched to emacs as well (in part because of subtle rpoblems
with new completion in emacs mode).


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