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Re: Moving completion functions

Sven wrote:

> - I was wondering if _mere is for the function or for some command I
>   don't know...

I assumed it was for the function and judging by the ChangeLog it must be
because in the first mention of _mere it is commited with mere.

> - _mysql_utils should probably keep it's name. I think this was
>   modelled after _psutils and _xutils. Those two should then be
>   renamed to _ps_utils and _x_utils.

I'm not sure that it should be _ps_utils because the psutils is a single
package of utilities distributed together which has always been called psutils
in one word. _ps_utils might imply that some other unrelated PostScript utility
should go in there also. Keeping it _mysql_utils and renaming to _x_utils is
fine though.

> - _use_lo should get a better name, yes. Hm, I don't like mixing the
>   underscore-style we use with hyphens in function names, and anyway I
>   prefer _parse_help (or _options_from__help?)

My main reservation about _parse_help is that the function doesn't do the
actual parsing itself, it gets _arguments to do it. That aside, it looks and
sounds better than _options_from__help.

> - We could also change _call to _call_program and _funcall to
>   _call_function.

That seems good. The documentation for _call talks about calling a 'command' so
maybe it should be _call_command but program might be clearer.

> - And there could be a better name for _compalso.

I agree but I can't think of anything better.

> - For the label functions (and the tag functions) I think we should
>   either leave them or try to find names that are both readable and
>   have the sorting behaviour Bart wants (and not only he, I like that, 
>   too). So...
>     _tags        _tags
>     _wanted      _tag_wanted
>     _requested   _tag_requested or _tag_selected
>     _all_labels  _labels_for
>     _next_label  _label_selected

I like the sorting behaviour too but am not particularly convinced by these.
_tag_requested just seems quite long for something which is used a lot. One
option is removing the 'ed' so we just have _tag_want and _tag_request.

Another option which I think I prefer would be to use something like _want_now
or _wanted_now for _requested which groups it with _wanted while possibly
better expressing the difference with _wanted which you were getting at with
the _tag_selected idea.

I'm not sure about the labels. Anyway, I'm being dragged down the pub so I'll
have to finish this reply next week.


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