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Re: Moving completion functions

On Mar 16, 11:20am, Sven Wischnowsky wrote:
} Subject: Re: Moving completion functions
} - _use_lo should get a better name, yes. Hm, I don't like mixing the
}   underscore-style we use with hyphens in function names, and anyway I
}   prefer _parse_help (or _options_from__help?)

Let me jump back a bit and point out that it's not really correct to say
that _use_lo is a "utility" -- _arguments is the utility, and _use_lo
calls it; nobody would call _use_lo from some other function.

So I think _use_lo actually belongs in Unix/Command/, where the convention
is to use names that describe the command for which the function completes,
rather than names that describe what the function completes, or how.

Hence I think _use_lo should move to Unix/Command/_gnu_generic ...  I'd
say _gnu_style, except for other "style" connotations.

} > For this reason, I think a Network directory is a good idea because it
} > is quite possible to have a computer which is not connected to the
} > network so all the networking related stuff are of no use. The X
} > division is I think useful. 
} If we remove the second level on installation, this should be a
} first-level directory like X, though.  And there's even stuff to fill
} a Network/Type directory.

This is OK, but ...

} > Graphic and Sound is a more complex issue
} > because you might care about programs which manipulate sound files or
} > images but not have the ability to play or display them.
} Yes, similar foe Network if it's a first level directory.  There are
} network commands that need X and ones that don't.

I'd put anything that actually needs X under X first.

The biggest problem with doing so is X programs that are nothing more
than front-ends for text-based tools, when the text one is not installed.
Presumably it does little harm to have a few completion functions for X
commands that don't exist, but if there are actually dependencies among
the completion functions, errors could result if a completion for one of
those X commands happens to be attempted.

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