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Re: win32 maintenance

On Mar 17, 10:52am, vipin aravind wrote:
} Subject: win32 maintenance
} I joined the list just now.


} I did gather from sven guckes that nobody is working on zsh port for
} win32. If there isn't anyone here who is doing it, I will be glad to
} take it up. Can anybody tell me where I can get the source code of zsh
} port for win32.

The current development version of zsh compiles in the Cygwin environment
for win32.

The current "stable" series of releases -- 3.0.x -- has not been ported
to win32 since 3.0.5.  However, the release of 4.0.1 is imminent, so it
may not be worthwhile to fold the 3.0.6 through 3.0.8 changes into the
existing win32 code base.

If you're interested in creating a native win32 version of zsh 4.0.1,
you may be just as well off starting the port from scratch as starting
from the 3.0.5 port (which was done by Amol Deshpande).  However, I do
have that 3.0.5 source code if it is of interest to you.

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