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Re: ZSpeak! Only Zsh can do this!

Mario Lang wrote:

> # * Modify the completion system so that menu-completion inserted
> #   text gets spoken.


This could get me immensely interested.  While developing the new
completion system we were discussing ways to get at the strings for
the matches from shell code.  Support for this kind of stuff is
certainly a good reason to add that (after the 4.0 release, though).

And I think the completion system can offer other things that might be 
helpful.  Having it tell you the descriptions it can generate for
example (describing the types of matches generated in a certain
context), having it read the completions and descriptions in menu
selection (`option -o is for ...') and so on.

I've long wanted to learn more about how handicapped people work with
computers.  Are there any interesting places on the net I could look
at for more information? (Google would certainly tell me several
thousand sites but I wouldn't know which are the `good' ones...)


Sven Wischnowsky                         wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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