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Re: `make' completion in zsh-3.1.9

On Mar 21,  3:41pm, Sven Wischnowsky wrote:
} Subject: Re: `make' completion in zsh-3.1.9
} > } Bart Schaefer wrote:
} > } 
} > } > zsh% while read -e; do :; done < Makefile | less
} > } > 
} > } > hangs until interrupted.  This works:
} > } > 
} > } > zsh% { while read -e; do :; done < Makefile } | less
} The problem is that the loop is not put in a sub-shell.  Ahem.
} And w.r.t. the code in execcmd() this is correct (of, course, code is
} always correct, silly me).  But how can we solve this?  Didn't it once 
} work?

It works in 3.0.8.

} Changing the test at exec.c:1968 to also test for is_cursh
} makes it work only half the way -- less comes up, but if one leaves it 
} (fast enough) the sub-shell gets blocked, trying to write into the
} pipe and being too stupid to find out that it can't anymore.

You can see this by making the change Sven describes and then piping to
"head -1" instead of less.

} I'm very much confused... anyone know what we are supposed to do now?

Why does it work when the while-construct is wrapped with { } ?

Why can't we "pretend" -- in the wordcode compiler, if necessary -- that
every complex command is wrapped with { } ?

`{ LIST }' should be semantically equivalent to `LIST', right?

The tricky bit is that it has to be possible to traverse the wordcode in
such a way as to regenerate the original input without inserting zillions
of "extraneous" braces.  (I've often suspected that this strange double
duty that's imposed on zsh's syntax trees is responsible for a lot of
needless complexity in exec.c.)  Perhaps a special type-value for the
wordcode node to indicate that the braces should not be output?

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