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Re: Moving completion functions

On Mar 19, 10:46am, Sven Wischnowsky wrote:
} Subject: Re: Moving completion functions
} echo adding tag
} cvs tag comp-dirs .
} move $files

I'd throw a "cvs update" in there before the "cvs tag", just in case.

Otherwise this looks good.

Here are my suggestions for renaming in the Functions subdirectory.  I've
left in Functions/Misc anything that it seemed likely one might want to
have in one's "standard" fpath, relocated stuff related to old compctl
completions into Functions/Compctl, and stashed everything else in
Functions/Examples.  A few of those latter might possibly want to be
in Misc instead; I've marked those.

And of course we could then rename the entire Misc directory to something
less vague, but I didn't put any thought into that yet.

Functions/Misc/acx		Functions/Examples	# Misc?
Functions/Misc/allopt		Functions/Misc
Functions/Misc/cat		Functions/Examples
Functions/Misc/cdmatch		Functions/Compctl
Functions/Misc/cdmatch2		Functions/Compctl
Functions/Misc/checkmail	Functions/Misc
Functions/Misc/colors		Functions/Misc
Functions/Misc/cx		Functions/Examples	# Misc?
Functions/Misc/harden		Functions/Misc
Functions/Misc/is-at-least	Functions/Misc	# Needs un-ksh-autoloading
Functions/Misc/mere		Functions/Misc
Functions/Misc/multicomp	Functions/Compctl
Functions/Misc/nslookup		Functions/Misc
Functions/Misc/promptnl		Functions/Misc
Functions/Misc/proto		Functions/Examples
Functions/Misc/pushd		Functions/Examples
Functions/Misc/randline		Functions/Examples
Functions/Misc/run-help		Functions/Misc	# Add #autoload line?
Functions/Misc/yp		Functions/Examples	# Misc?
Functions/Misc/yu		Functions/Examples	# Misc?
Functions/Misc/zed		Functions/Misc
Functions/Misc/zkbd		Functions/Misc
Functions/Misc/zless		Functions/Misc
Functions/Misc/zls		Functions/Misc
Functions/Misc/zmv		Functions/Misc
Functions/Misc/zrecompile	Functions/Misc
Functions/Misc/zstyle+		Functions/Misc

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