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Zle documentation and other tweaks

This has been niggling at me for ages.

Should we move all the zle documentation into zshzle, and just leave a
pointer in zshmodules?  It has never struck me as ideal having the
documentation for the builtins separated out from that for the functions in
that way.

I haven't forgotten Zefram's comments on binding cursor keys, but I don't
want to keep making endless minor changes.  Not binding single keystroke
termcap sequences even if they aren't bound already is probably reasonable,
though I think it's pretty minor.  For the rest, I'm thinking about adding
bindkey options which will list or remove all bindings which have a given
keystroke as prefix (but in this case don't list or remove bindings exactly
for that keystroke, which would but us back where we started).

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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author