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Re: PATCH: MH for Mailboxes (TM)

On Fri, 23 Mar 2001, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} This makes _mailboxes a bit happier about MH mailboxes.  I don't know
} whether to alter _mh_cache directly or change it at the point of use.

It needs to be changed at point of use, because other programs may use
_mailboxes that understand MH directory format without understanding the
MH `+folder' naming convention.  So _mh_cache needs to contain full path

} It still doesn't handle the feature of MH (which I don't suppose anyone
} actually uses) that @folder is relative to the last folder you were looking
} at.

Where does one obtain the name of the last folder?  Fill it in to the
`lastmhbox' parameter below, and uncomment the corresponding lines.

The following patch is INSTEAD OF Peter's, because Peter hasn't committed
his yet.

By the way (Sven), when I complete after "mutt -f " (with no prefix in
the current word) I -still- get a blank item as the first menu-selection.
I thought we fixed that bug a long time ago?

Index: Completion/User/_mailboxes
--- Completion/User/_mailboxes	2000/11/11 21:49:59	1.20
+++ Completion/User/_mailboxes	2001/03/24 18:00:29
@@ -84,6 +84,7 @@
       _maildir_cache=( "${_maildir_cache[@]}" "$i" )
     elif j=( "$i"/<1-> ) && [[ -n "$j" ]]; then
       _mh_cache=( "${_mh_cache[@]}" "$i" )
+      dirboxes=( $dirboxes "$i"/*(/) )
       _mbox_cache=( "${_mbox_cache[@]}" "$i"/*(.) )
       dirboxes=( $dirboxes "$i"/*(/) )
@@ -116,8 +117,17 @@
 		    "${_mailbox_cache[@]}" )
-    (*:mh:*) # I've probably got this wrong, or at least incomplete
-      (( $#_mh_cache )) && _multi_parts "${expl[@]}" / _mh_cache && ret=0
+    (*:mh:*)
+#     local lastmhbox=???	# Where does this come from?
+      if compset -P +; then
+	mbox_names=( "${(@)_mh_cache#$~maildirectory/}" )
+#     elif compset -P @; then
+#	mbox_names=( "${(@)${(@M)_mh_cache:#$~lastmhbox/*}#$~lastmhbox/}" )
+      else
+	mbox_names=( +"${(@)^_mh_cache#$~maildirectory/}"
+#		     @"${(@)^${(@M)_mh_cache:#$~lastmhbox/*}#$~lastmhbox/}"
+		     "${_mh_cache[@]}" )
+      fi
       if compset -P %; then

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