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Re: new completion modifications

Sven Wischnowsky wrote:
> This seems reasonable.  Question to everyone (and -workers in
> particular): should we add a `urls' style, comparable to `hosts' and
> such, that just gives a bunch of strings to complete as urls?
> Probably taking precedence over the other things (different from
> `hosts' and friends).

I would prefer it if we could come up with a more general solution to
this issue - I've seen other places where I've done repeated tabs. Also,
the behaviour would be useful if the local style is the only one used
for urls.

Is there maybe a way that you could get the completion system to have
another go at completion straight away if it has just inserted a string
unambigously. This could avoid the repeated tab situations. It would
have to be configurable to only work in specific contexts with a style .
This could be used in other cases.


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