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Re: `jobs | wc -l' => 0 ... bug?

> On Mar 26,  3:29pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
> } Subject: Re: `jobs | wc -l' => 0 ... bug?
> }
> } > $ jobs | wc -l
> } >       0
> } 
> } jobs here runs in a subshell, where there is no job control, so no
> } information on jobs.  It has always been this way.  It's not particularly
> } convenient, however.  Maybe it's time someone thought about changing it.
> What do you suggest, that we special-case the "jobs" command?

Clearing the job table is handled specially in entersubsh().

    if (cl)

MONITOR gets unset at this point, too.  It shouldn't be necessary to do
both, and it should be possible to hack bin_fg() so that it can still list
jobs even if it can't control them.  In fact, it looks like this is half
there: `fg' and `bg' test for !jobbing and complain, whereas `jobs'
doesn't and silently scans the empty job list.  So maybe not clearing the
job table and relying on the option setting just works.  But it needs a
proper work through to make sure.

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