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Re: /usr/local/bin/perl

--- Adam Spiers <adam@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote: > 
> The following scripts hardcode binary locations (excluding /bin/sh

> Can we avoid this?  Is env(1) common to enough platforms, for
> instance, or maybe we could add something to configure?

I'd agree that this is something which would be nice to clean up. I'd
have thought that it would be fine to use env for these. I've not
really seen a system on which it won't work and they are mostly
examples or functions so people can always fix the line. I would
suggest though putting a #! on the second line, possibly with a comment
so it is easier for anyone to work out how to fix it if the env trick
fails. For the example #!, I'd use /usr/local/bin as it is the default
prefix when compiling zsh and fairly common for perl too. I'm not
fussed though - having consistency is worth more.

The only one which slightly concerns me is Test/ztst.zsh but I don't
know much about the workings of the test system. As long as make check
will always work.

Setting the #! lines would be quite simple from configure but I'm not
sure it is worth it for the extra complexity and potential for things
to break.


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