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Re: Moving Test functions

># Section Z: line editing and completion
>53completion.ztst		 Z01completion.ztst
>54compmatch.ztst		 Z02compmatch.ztst
>55arguments.ztst		 Z03arguments.ztst

I've been busy and away, so I'm quite a bit behind on the mailing list. But
just wanted to stick my nose in....  It might be worth splitting completion and
the rest of zle in to separate sections.  Both of these modules represent 
a lot of space in the documentation and code.  Because there is a lot of
code/functionality that can be tested, it seems like it would be worthwhile to
give each a separate section.

Even though we don't have any non-completion zle tests.  It seems like putting
zle in a separate section would make remove for growth for additional tests.

Also, it might be worth looking at running gcov on zsh, and then running our
tests to see which functions aren't actually covered.  I did this once, when
playing with the completion matching code, and remember there being some
function that wasn't be called by the tests. (sorry, i don't remember the
name.)  Not sure if this has changed.  The coverage information could help
point to some test cases that should be written.


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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author