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Re: PATCH: MH for Mailboxes (TM)

On Mar 29, 10:36am, Sven Wischnowsky wrote:
} Hm.  After setting up some parameters I was able to reproduce it.  But 
} for me changing lines 94 and 97 fixed it.

Ah, I didn't change line 97.  Maybe that was it.

} That _mailboxes function... there are some wrongly indented parts in
} it.

Yes, somebody (maybe me) generated a patch with "diff -bwu".

} And the `pinedirectory', `maildirectory' and `mailpath'
} parameters don't seem to be documented.  Are these standard names?

$mailpath is zsh special variable, the array form for $MAILPATH.

The other two (pinedirectory and maildirectory) should be converted to
zstyles, as I think I mentioned elsewhere on this thread.  They were
modeled after some early (pre-zstyle) completion function and have never
caught up.

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