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Re: PATCH: list bindings with given prefix.

Peter Stephenson wrote:
> This allows `bindkey -p <seq>' to list bindings which have <seq> as a
> prefix (not counting bindings for <seq> itself).  The previous unposted zle

How do I use this to list all key bindings which are Meta something:
  bindkey -p \\M
doesn't work.

Also, I've just noticed that the output of bindkey includes these:

"^\^" up-case-word
"^\^[OA" up-history
"^\^[OB" down-history
"^\^[OC" forward-char
"^\^[OD" backward-char
"^\^[[A" up-history
"^\^[[B" down-history
"^\^[[C" forward-char
"^\^[[D" backward-char

The first one is set from this command in my .zshrc:
    bindkey '^^' up-case-word
but I don't see where the back-slash came from. It is also there in
3.1.9-dev-8 so this isn't recent. I also don't see why the others should
start with ^\. I don't know where they come from - after zsh -f followed
by . ./.zshrc, they aren't there but I expect they have something to do
with the recent changes for binding cursor keys (they don't appear in


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