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PLEASE READ (was: Re: Moving completion functions)

[ sorry for shouting ]

Since there weren't any real objections anymore, I'll run the script
today, to have this form my list.  I'll start at

  13:00 local time (MET DST)   (that's 1:00 pm ;-)


  11:00 GMT (or 12:00 GMT DST)

Please don't try to commit changes to the completion system, functions 
or test suite after that.  I'll send another short note directly
before I start (probably not necessary, but...) and another one when
the script has finished (which may take some time) and I've applied
the patch I prepared to change the other things that need changing
after the move.

Bart Schaefer wrote:

> ...
> ZLE is either a module (my section X) or an interactive feature that has
> to be tested with zpty (section Y) both of which precede completion (Z).
> But of course it doesn't hurt to break it down further, and a section
> for other stuff at the end doesn't hurt either.

Yes, I think ZLE is important enough.

> } # Section V: builtins
> You mean modules?

Yes.  Cut'n'paste no good.

Then I got two mails form Bart and Oliver.  Short answers: I had
completely forgotten the -p option of perl.  And, Oliver, no I'm not
sure about what _vared should look like after all the discussion.  If
you send it to me, I'll add it.  But of course adding it afterwards
will be as easy as always...


Sven Wischnowsky                         wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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