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mapfile (Re: More ramblings Re: zsh/termcap and zsh/terminfo modules)

On Apr 9,  5:28pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} $mapfile doesn't work properly when referred to as a full hash any more
} --- it's supposed to give all the files in the current directory.

It still works for me:

zagzig% print -c ${(k)mapfile} 
config.log      config.status   Makefile        Src
config.h        stamp-h         Doc             Test
config.cache    Config          Etc             config.modules

The manual says "... the keys are the names of files in the current
directory, and the values are empty (to save a huge overhead in memory)."
So `print $mapfile' shouldn't show anything, but:

zagzig% print -c $#mapfile 

Unless this is different for you, I don't think there's anything wrong.

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