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Re: PATCH: Re: Build Failures on SunOS-4.1 and 5.5

On Thu, 12 Apr 2001, Bart Schaefer wrote:
> So how about the following (also not yet committed); I'm not sure how
> it flies with respect to your needing to put curses.h above termios.h,

Solaris 2.6 fails to compile terminfo.c because of the weirdness with
curses.h and termios.h/termio.h.  Basically curses.h has a long
comment that goes on about how including curses.h is wrong in a
"strictly conformant ANSI-C compilation", so it makes me think that
they didn't imagine someone would want to include termios.h along with

The underlying problem here is that curses.h omits including termio.h
if VINTR is defined, and while termios.h defines VINTR, it doesn't
define the termio struct, and term.h puts a termio struct into its
term struct.

I can get terminfo.c to compile by either including termio.h before I
include term.h, or by undefining VINTR before including curses.h.  Any
ideas on what is a good, portable solution?  Can we stomache adding
this before the curses.h include:

# ifdef VINTR
#  undef VINTR
# endif

On a slightly related note, anyone know what the "offsetof" define is
doing in system.h?  It doesn't appear to be used anywhere, and the new
include of term.h causes it to be redefined (on Solaris).


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