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Re: sourcing /etc/zshrc

On Apr 13,  7:37pm, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
} Subject: sourcing /etc/zshrc
} ... it was running everything in the /etc/z* files. In the past, these
} were always ignored unless you used one of the configure options such as
} --enable-etcdir yet they seem to always be being read now.

It's been the default to read the global RC files unless --disable-etcdir
(or --disable-zshenv, etc., for individual files) since at least July 1996,
according to ChangeLog.3.0.

} This probably isn't system specific because it is occurring both on IRIX
} and Linux. 3.1.9-dev-8 was okay so it is since then.

There haven't been any changes to this part of configure.in since at least
zsh-3.1.4, except for one typographical error fixed by zsh-workers/6477
back in June of 1999.

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