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Re: PATCH: termcap special param

In such cases I always ask myself - what happens, if a program is linked
against dynamic library? Is it possible to silently exchange 4.2 version
against 5.2 version? That would definitely break a lot of things.


On Fri, 13 Apr 2001, Clint Adams wrote:

> > There's no mention of NCURSES_VERSION anywhere in this patch ... what
> > check do you mean?
> I'm referring to the #if !defined(NCURSES_VERSION) || !defined(COLOR_PAIR)
> stuff in bin_echotc, which is theoretically relevant for all calls to
> tgetflag().
> ncurses 4.2's tgetflag() will return ERR (-1) if called with an argument
> not found in boolcodes.  ncurses 5.2's tgetflag() will return 0, a la
> Solaris.
> We could find out the relevant ncurses versions and qualify the
> preprocessor directives, or we could determine what sort of
> tgetflag() is present by a configure test, which I guess could
> be as simple as testing the return value of tgetflag() when
> called with a termcap code guaranteed not to be in boolcodes.
> For example, 'co' is quite unlikely to be a boolean flag.

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