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Re: Example from manual seems broken

On Apr 16, 11:54pm, F. G. Marx wrote:
} 1. The following example from zshexpn.1 FILENAME_EXPANSION is broken in
}    zsh-4.0.1-pre-3:
}     zsh -f
}     $> setopt extendedglob
}     $> foo="a string with a message"
}     $> if [[ $foo = (a|an)' '(#b)(*)' '* ]]; then
}     then> print ${foo[$mbegin[1],$mend[1]]}
}     then> fi
}     $> zsh: bad math expression: operand expected at `$mend[1]'

I don't know exactly why this was broken, but my patch in 13992 fixes it.
So maybe I should commit that patch after all.

} 2. I've got _normal complaining about _use_lo not being found after
}    upgrading from dev-2 to dev-3.

Remove your ~/.zcompdump file and let compinit rebuild it.  _use_lo has
been renamed to _gnu_generic.

} 3. I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention: why are the completion functions
}    in new sub-subdirectories in source, but amalgamated in --fndir ?

The sub-subdirs are for organizational convenience of the developers, for
the most part.  If one is writing a new completion function it helps to
be able to find other functions that serve a similar purpose.  The subdirs
(one level up) are for selective installation, so that e.g. you can leave
out the X11 functions on a system with no X display, or leave out the BSD
functions on Linux, etc.

However, it was deemed unlikely that anyone would e.g. want to install the
Unix/Command collection without also installing the Unix/Type collection
on which it depends, etc.; and the $fpath gets rather unwieldy with all
those subdirectories.  So installation removes one level if you give the
--enable-function-subdirs configuration option, and removes both levels

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