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problem with 8-bit characters


I would like to mention a bug that's been there since the beginning
(and has come back to haunt me).  If you have a filename which
includes one of the character tokens (like 0x84) then zsh will
of course have lots of problems dealing with that file.


zsh% ls Albumbl?tter' Op. 124.wav'     
ls: Albumbl
           tter Op. 124.wavv: No such file or directory

bash$ ls -l Albumbl?tter' Op. 124.wav'
-rwxrwxr-x   1 pf       users    11277884 Apr 19 00:30 Albumbl?tter Op. 124.wav
bash$ echo Albumbl?tter' Op. 124.wav' | od -c
0000000   A   l   b   u   m   b   l 204   t   t   e   r       O   p   .
0000020       1   2   4   .   w   a   v  \n

This particular file is on an smbfs filesystem on linux.  The file is
called "Albumblätter Op. 124.wav" on the PC side but is showing up
with a \204 (0x84) instead of an "ä" on the linux side because of a bug in
smbfs.  Fortunately there appears to be a fix for the smbfs problem
so I'm going to try that out.  However zsh isn't handling this very well.

I expected that characters like 0x84 would never show up anywhere but
apparently that isn't the case.  This is probably a real low priority
bug and it seems very hard to fix, but I just wanted to point out that
it is a real problem in some cases in case anyone comes up with any
clever ideas for how to fix this.

Thanks much.

Paul Falstad, paul@xxxxxxxxxxx, 805-966-4935, http://www.falstad.com/
work: paul.falstad@xxxxxxxxxxxx, 805-957-1790, http://www.openwave.com/

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