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Re: PATCH: honor STRIPFLAGS for modules

Clint Adams wrote:

> > symbols or something. -x can be used instead and will just strip out
> > stuff which isn't needed. -s is still used for the main binary.
> So is the solution to use a different variable name for modules?

Probably. I seem to remember seeing such a variable somewhere so there
may be a standardish name. It might be worth having a look at libtool
and imake to see if they have such a variable. Not that libtool is very
good at handling systems other than Linux - it doesn't use IRIX's kernel
DSO versioning for instance.

> What about libzsh?

I can't see that libzsh is any different to any other shared objects.

And in the 'reduce unnecessary linking thread':
> > What was wrong with AC_SEARCH_LIBS?
> It adds the library to LIBS, which would be counterproductive.

Does zsh_SEARCH_LIBS really need to do everything with AC_TRY_LINK_FUNC
then - couldn't it just save and restore LIBS and use AC_SEARCH_LIBS?
That said, I haven't looked at your change in detail so may be missing
the point. I agree with Andrej that we should be careful about these
changes before 4.0.1 because of the potential to break the compile on a
particular platform. It seems to be adding quite a bit of complexity. Do
redundant libraries in LIBS matter much? If I remember correctly, IRIX
displays a warning but doesn't actually link the library in.


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