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Zsh broken after the latest build patches

I do not know, which one exactly is responsible; but, I asked to hold off
these patches, there is nothing so important in any one of them ...

bor@itsrm2% print lsld.so: zsh: symbol not found: tgoto
zsh: killed     zsh

bor@itsrm2% nm /tools/lib/zsh/4.0.1-pre-3/zsh/zle.so | grep tgoto
[757]   |     49100|       0|  U  |GLOB |0    |UNDEF  |tgoto
bor@itsrm2% nm =zsh | grep tgoto

To remind - I have static libtermcap (a.k.a. libcurses a.k.a. libterminfo).
So, both main zsh modules *and* any module that is using them (zle, termcap,
terminfo, etc) must be linked with these modules. Before, both zsh main and
every module was linked with all libraries. Now what happens is:


LIBS            = -ldl -lg -lc
zle.$(DL_EXT): $(MODDOBJS_zle) zle.export  $(dir_top)/Src/zsh.export
        rm -f $@
        $(DLLINK) $(NXPIMP_zle) $(NNTRYOPT) $(MODDOBJS_zle) $(NOLINKMODS_zle)

Folks, the issue of dynamic linking is too complicated to be solved with one
patch. libtool was created for a reason. And definitely such changes should
not be done just before release. Please, backout these changes. I do not have
time currently to debug this (sorry), and I do not want zsh remain broken


Have a nice DOS!
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