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RE: PATCH: revert Clint's build patches

> On Apr 23, 11:44pm, Andrej Borsenkow wrote:
> }
> } O.K., so here is diff against current CVS that reverts
> } Clint's patches (sorry). I commit it when I have article number.
> Unfortunately, I'm now able to compile zsh but not link it:

Sorry for that. It did compile here but I have termcap==curses.

> The following patch gets my compile and link going, but of course does
> not enable $terminfo or echoti on my system, and uses the fallback lists
> of capcodes for $termcap.  However, I don't know whether to add

Just tested on cygwin and it compiles and runs O.K., termcap is there and
terminfo is missing just as expected. It should be possible to link against
ncurses on cygwin that should give us both - any takers? (Actually, ncurses is
now part of "official" cygwin - whatever it is - so it may make sense to
prefer it).

> AC_SEARCH_LIBS(setupterm, ...)
> or
> AC_SEARCH_LIBS(tigetstr, ...)
> or both.

The main problem is that if termcap and terminfo are different, we should not
probably allow both libraries be linked in zsh. And even if we link them to
corr. modules only, there is an issue of tracing TERM changes etc. Let's leave
it for now.


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