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Distributed Completion/ structure and compinit

The doc for compinit says:

 For incomplete installations, if compinit does not find enough files
 beginning with an underscore (fewer than twenty) in the search path, it
 will try to find more by adding the directory _compdir to the search
 path.  Furthermore, if the directory in question ends in the path
 segment Base, or has a subdirectory named Base, compinit will add all
 subdirectories of the directory where Base is to the path: this allows
 the functions to be in the same format as in the zsh source

This doesn't quite work any more.  It handles one level of subdirectories,
as in an install with --enable-function-subdirs, but not two levels of
subdirectories as in the source.

Also, I'm curious why this line in compaudit was commented out:

  ### [[ -d $_compdir/../Base ]] && _compdir=${_compdir:h}

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