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Re: Another keep-prefix problem

On Thu, 26 Apr 2001, Bart Schaefer wrote:
>      something like `~foo' or `$foo', but not if it is `~foo/' or
>      `$foo/bar', unless that suffix itself contains characters eligible
>                  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>      for expansion.  The default for this style is `true'.

Which is what I'm advocating changing.  Don't require the variable to
be at the start of the word, just look if there are suffix char(s)
between the variable and the cursor, and only expand the variable if
the cursor is right next to the variable.  This is how the old
expander works.

> Which means, I think, that you would like the default setting of suffix
> to be false rather than true, and the default setting of keep-prefix to
> be true rather than "changed".

No, setting suffix to false would make it expand variables even when
suffix chars are present, and that's different than the default with
the old expander, so I'd leave suffix set to true by default.  I
wouldn't mind having keep-prefix set to true by default, but I think
that's a separate issue from making "suffix true" work the same as the
old expansion code.


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