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PATCH: Re: Termcap saga

On May 2, 10:38am, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} Subject: Re: Termcap saga
} > There was a short period of time when installing ncurses would overwrite
} > termcap.h with its own header; it is fixed now but if you happen to catch
} > this old version, you have to reinstall termcap to get original header.
} > 
} > There is no term.h under Cygwin so it looks like the only possibility.
} termcap.h looks OK, but there is a term.h in my case which smells strongly
} of ncurses.  It could be that's gone since the last time I installed
} cygwin.

See if this doesn't fix you up.  It also repairs a bug that I introduced
when reshuffling the order of some of the --enable option checks.

Index: configure.in
--- configure.in	2001/05/02 15:04:40	1.6
+++ configure.in	2001/05/02 15:48:17
@@ -425,7 +425,6 @@
 [if test x$enableval = xyes; then
-  if test $ac_cv_header_linux_tasks_h = yes; then
    [#include <linux/tasks.h>
     #ifdef MAX_TASKS_PER_USER
@@ -433,7 +432,6 @@
-  fi
    if test x$maxj = xmax; then
@@ -478,7 +476,7 @@
 		 limits.h fcntl.h libc.h sys/utsname.h sys/resource.h \
 		 locale.h errno.h stdlib.h unistd.h sys/capability.h \
 		 utmp.h utmpx.h sys/types.h pwd.h grp.h poll.h sys/mman.h \
-		 linux/tasks.h netinet/in_systm.h curses.h term.h)
+		 netinet/in_systm.h)
 if test $dynamic = yes; then
@@ -562,6 +560,11 @@
 AC_SEARCH_LIBS(tgetent, [$termcap_curses_order])
+case "$LIBS" in
+AC_CHECK_HEADERS(curses.h term.h)
+if test x$ac_cv_header_term_h = xyes; then
 AC_MSG_CHECKING(if term.h needs curses.h)
 AC_TRY_COMPILE([#include <term.h>], [char **test = boolcodes;], boolcodes_with_only_term_h=yes,
@@ -612,6 +615,9 @@
 #include <term.h>], [char **test = strnames; printf(*test);],
 AC_DEFINE(HAVE_STRNAMES) strnames=yes, strnames=no)
 dnl Some systems (Solaris 2.x, Linux Redhat 5.x) require
 dnl libnsl (Network Services Library) to find yp_all

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