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PATCH: completion for subscript flags

This adds completion for subscript flags in _subscript so as to further
reduce the number of times I have to reach for the manual.

One problem is that _values is not powerful enough to handle the
arguments such as you have with the s flag (e.g. in $PATH[(s.:.)4]).
Any ideas on how to handle this or is it not worth bothering? I looked
at doing it all without _values but it would have been messy,
especially without ksh93 style back references to match the argument
delimiters both in one pattern.

unset parameters are treated like scalars.

I'd appreciate if someone could check through my descriptions,
particularly those for associative arrays. I have a suspicion that some
of the flags aren't working actually but I may just be confused.

It would be nice to do similar things in _brace_parameter but flags are
currently stripped before it is called so that will require some lower
level changes. csh history references and modifiers, glob
qualifiers and globbing flags might also be possible to do.


Index: Completion/Zsh/Context/_subscript
RCS file: /cvsroot/zsh/zsh/Completion/Zsh/Context/_subscript,v
retrieving revision 1.1
diff -u -r1.1 _subscript
--- Completion/Zsh/Context/_subscript	2001/04/02 11:24:32	1.1
+++ Completion/Zsh/Context/_subscript	2001/05/04 22:54:48
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
 #compdef -subscript-
-local expl ind osuf=']'
+local expl ind osuf=']' flags
 if [[ "$1" = -q ]]; then
   osuf='] '
@@ -8,10 +8,39 @@
+compset -P '\([^\)]##\)' # remove subscript flags
 if [[ "$PREFIX" = :* ]]; then
   _wanted characters expl 'character class' \
       compadd -p: -S ':]' alnum alpha blank cntrl digit graph \
                           lower print punct space upper xdigit
+elif compset -P '\('; then
+  compset -S '\)*'
+  case ${(Pt)${compstate[parameter]}} in
+    assoc*) flags=(
+      '(R k K i I)r[return first matching value]'
+      '(r k K i I)R[return value of first matching key]'
+      '(r R K i I)k[return all values with matching keys]'
+      '(r R k i I)K[return value of first matching key]'
+      '(r R k K I)i[return first matching key]'
+      '(r R k K i)I[return all matching keys]'
+    );;
+    (|scalar*)) flags=(
+      'w[make subscripting work on words of scalar]'
+      's[specify word separator]'
+      'p[recognise escape sequences in subsequent s flag]'
+    );&
+    array*) flags=($flags
+      'n[specify match to return]'
+      'b[begin with specified element]'
+      '(r R k K i)I[reverse subscript giving index of last match]'
+      '(r k K i I)R[reverse subscripting giving last match]'
+      '(R k K i I)r[reverse subscripting giving first match]'
+    );;
+  esac
+  _values -s '' 'subscript flags' $flags
 elif [[ ${(Pt)${compstate[parameter]}} = assoc* ]]; then
   local suf

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