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Re: Fix for zpty under Cygwin

Someone claiming to be Andrej wrote:
> So the fix under Cygwin is quite simple - just remove O_NOCTTY. Actually, I 
> wonder what it does here at all - it is exactly the descriptor that *will* be
> Related problem is testing. Completion tests consistently failed; the reason 
> was this line in comptest:
> zpty -b zsh "$comptest_zsh -f +Z" 
> i.e. non-blocking mode. As a result the next read returned empty string and 
> failed. I could not reproduce it in interactive shell, so I suspect some 
> obscure scheduling issues here. Anyway, non-blocking mode looks wrong here to
> me. We cannot expect that the whole output will always be available when we 
> try to read. In this case much more better would be read-with-timeout ... O.K
> . 
> after 4.0.1 may be. With -b removed all completion tests passed under Cygwin.

I had problems with the tilde test (below, if it means anything --- part of
the problem is my /etc/zshenv which isn't as clean as usual on my PC), but
it seems clear that zpty is functioning OK, so I'm committing the two
changes (with the #ifdef __CYGWIN__ for now).

By the way, we probably need to be clearer about tests that might fail on a
network mount.

*** /tmp/zsh.ztst.out.334       Tue May  8 11:17:03 2001
--- /tmp/zsh.ztst.tout.334      Tue May  8 11:17:05 2001
*** 1,7 ****
! line: {: ~user}{}
! line: {: ~user}{}
  line: {: ~user1}{}
  line: {: ~user2}{}
! line: {: ~user1}{}
--- 1,10 ----
! line: {: ~}{}
+ DESCRIPTION:{named directory}
+ NO:{c}
+ NO:{dev}
  line: {: ~user1}{}
  line: {: ~user2}{}
! line: {: ~c/}{}
! line: {: ~dev/}{}
Test ../../Test/Y01completion.ztst failed: output differs from expected as shown
 above for:
  comptesteval '_users () { compadd user1 user2 }'
  comptest $': ~\t\t\t\t\t'
Was testing: tilde

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