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Re: Termcap saga again

On May 8,  5:23pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} Actually, AC_TRY_COMPILE is OK, it was only AC_CHECK_HEADERS that barfed on
} the warnings.  This means rewriting bits of the AC_CHECK_HEADERS internals
} to get the right definitions.  Here's the combined diff.  Or do the
} COMPILEs here still need to be LINKs?

The `printf(*test)' is only necessary if they're changed to LINKs.  (I had
overlooked that before.)  So if it's not AC_TRY_COMPILE that is causing
the error, then you can drop my patch entirely.
} This gets worse and worse.  I can't believe how long I've wasted on this,
} and lots of other people have wasted a good bit longer.

Curses is a complete disaster and always has been.  I could bore you all
with stories about writing the "full screen character terminal" interface
for Z-Mail (so-called "Lite"), but you've already got the flavor of them.

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