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One last _values / compvalues nit, and a nasty crash bug

First the nit:

I don't expect anyone to leap to do anything about this, but now that we
have both -S and -s (and it's too bad their meanings aren't reversed as
the string given to -s is the one that has to be passed to compadd -S, but
it's too late for that now) the issue arises of what happens when you pass
the same string to both.


zsh% _tv() { _values -S : -s : test 'a: :(foo)' b }
zsh% compedef _tv :
zsh% : a<TAB>
zsh% : a:<TAB>
zsh% : a:b 

At this point, the thing that comes after `a:' should have been considered
an argument, not a new value.  If the argument to `a' is required rather
than optional, there's no reason the same separator can't be used both
between the value and its argument, and between the argument and the next

Now the bug -- press TAB three times after `: a' and get a crash:

schaefer<501> function _tv { _values -S '' -s : 'a: :(foo)' b }
schaefer<502> compdef _tv :
schaefer<503> function _tv { _values -S '' -s : test 'a: :(foo)' b }
schaefer<504> : afoo:afoo:BUG: attempt to free more than allocated.
_values:149: command not found: 0R^O^H\M-^?\M-^?\M-^?\M-^?@T^O^H\M-^?\M-^?\M-^?\M-^?pR^O^H\M-^?\M-^?\M-^?\M-^?\M-@S^O^H\M-^?\M-^?\M-^?\M-^?\M-pP^O^H\M-^?\M-^?\M-^?\M-^?ws
zsh: segmentation fault (core dumped)  zsh-4.0.1-pre-4

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