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Re: problem creating zsh

I've looked at this a bit, but I don't have access to an HPUX 9.03 system
any more; and even when I did some years back, I only ever used the HP
compiler, not gcc.

If you really want help with this sort of thing, you need to give a lot
more information -- what operating system you're using, what options you
passed to configure, what appears in your config.h file after configure,
what version of zsh you are compiling, etc.  I had to figure out your
operating system by reading the paths of the include files in the compiler
warnings (which is only possible because of the way gcc installs itself),
and the zsh version from the prefix= argument in the make command.

I first suggest that you pick up zsh 4.0.1-pre-4 from
and see whether that version builds.  There have been several changes to
the configure script and related headers since 3.0.8.  If that doesn't
work, contact zsh-workers again with a full description of the steps you
followed to build zsh, and include your config.h file.

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