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history-incremental-search-backward: ctrl-c doesn't interrupt

I'm using 4.0.1-pre-4 as distributed in the Debian "testing"
distribution.  Before Debian upgraded to the version 4 betas, I used
^C to cancel incremental history searches.  This has stopped
working.  Now, in the default emacs editing mode, if I type ^R
followed by a few letters, then press ^C, nothing visible happens.
Actually, it does have some effect, because if I subsequently press
another control character (eg ^A), it cancels and brings me to a new
prompt (leaving the found command on the old prompt), instead of
having its usual effect (in the case of ^A, sending me to the
beginning of the currently found command).  ^G cancels the search,
but my fingers are used to ^C.

The documentation indicates that an interrupt signal should cancel
the search, so I assume this is a bug.  I'll be grateful if this is
fixed.  Let me know if you can use more information.

Thanks to everyone who works on zsh!


PS.  Please Cc: me on replies.

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author