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Re: PATCH: Re: zsh4.0.1-pre4 : backticks fail if SHLVL nonexistant

"Bart Schaefer" wrote:
> There's some stuff going on here with `outputradix' that I'm not sure is
> correct.  setiparam() was ignoring the outputradix, setnparam() was using
> it; maybe that's because only setnparam() gets called from the math code?

Yes, setiparam() doesn't need it.

On the other problem:

> Richard Curnow wrote:
> > zshparam.1 says that setting manpath will change MANPATH and vice versa.
> > If I change MANPATH, I don't see manpath getting changed.
> You haven't unset that in your .zshenv too, have you?  In that case it will
> (temporarily) lose its special connection to $manpath.  This seems to be a
> bug, because it happens even if $manpath is never unset.

I'm no longer convinced this is even a bug, if this is really what the
problem is.  The code quite explicitly unsets both of such a pair --- the
connection isn't lost, but manpath remains unset when you set MANPATH, so
you have to set both.  For user-tied variables with `typeset -T', the
documentation is clear about this, though it isn't explicit for pre-defined
path variables.  It's tricky to have them only unsetting one of a pair,
which causes a lot of grief with the internal state.  Maybe the answer is
to make sure `createparam' is called for the other value if it is also

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