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Re: Mandrake 8.0 - compinit in /etc/zshrc

On May 21,  3:40pm, Chmouel Boudjnah wrote:
} and how do you do when you have to modify the skel file on upgrade ?

One possibility might be not to put the code directly into the skel file.
Put it in, say, /etc/zsh.d/compinit.  In /etc/zshrc, define a shell

    function ZSH_features() {
      local feature
      for feature in /etc/zsh.d/*(N-.:x)
	. $feature
      unfunction ZSH_features

Then the skel .zshrc file would contain a block such as:

    # BEGIN: Standard zsh feature setup
    # This command initializes assorted features that are useful to all
    # users.  See /etc/zshrc for the definition of this function.
    # If you remove this command you may miss new features that are
    # added when the zsh packages are upgraded.  Edit at your own risk.
    typeset +f ZSH_features >/dev/null && ZSH_features
    # END: Standard zsh feature setup

Note that Wayne's suggestion is that you add a .zshrc file to the home
directories only of users who don't have one.  For users who already do
have one, scan the .zshrc for the BEGIN: line or the ZSH_featues command,
and if it isn't there, do something non-interactive, such as sending them
e-mail, to tell them about the upgrade -- and do that only if their login
shell is set to zsh.

I understand Trond's argument about users with non-local or NFS-shared
directories.  It'd be easy enough to skip (or do only the "send e-mail"
step for) the former; for the latter, the `typeset +f' check should 
prevent problems if they happen to use zsh on another machine yet for
some reason didn't already have a .zshrc file.

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