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Re: Mandrake 8.0 - compinit in /etc/zshrc

On May 21, 11:17am, Wayne Davison wrote:
> Subject: Re: Mandrake 8.0 - compinit in /etc/zshrc
> On 21 May 2001, Chmouel Boudjnah wrote:
> > and how do you do when you have to modify the skel file on upgrade ?
> Here's an alternate solution.  See if you like this.
> For a package such as zsh, create a patch in the source rpm that adds
> an extra rc-file check that works like this:  If the user's rc file is
> missing, we read the default rc file from /usr/lib/zsh (or similar).

It wouldn't be necessary to modify the source for that, would it?  The
last line of /etc/zshrc would just need to be:

[[ -r ${ZDOTDIR:-$HOME}/.zshrc ]] || source /usr/lib/zsh/power_options

This is basically the same as my function-based suggestion except that
you never create the ~/.zshrc file for the user.

} The only
} downside I see in this is that the user needs to be made aware that when
} they create their own rc file, that they may wish to copy the default rc
} file and modify that rather than starting from scratch.

Making them aware of that is the reason for creating their .zshrc with some
kind of comment embedded in it.  But it works passably either way.
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