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RE: About zmodload test segfaults

> My guess is that the failures on Solaris et al., which seem to happen at
> the module *un*loading test, have to do with shared library linkage.  It
> was wrong to simply discard all the dependencies and then unload.
> Here's a patch to V01zmodload to force unloading to happen in reverse
> dependency order, i.e., a module is only unloaded when nothing depends
> on it, and then its dependencies are removed so it won't prevent some
> other module from being unloaded.  If it's not possible to unload any
> module that way, the zmodunload function calls zmodload -u to generate
> the correct error message; this should happen only in case of circular
> dependencies.
> Please check whether this takes care of the zmodload test segfaults on
> various architectures.

With current CVS all tests (with obvious exception of unimplemented
features) pass under current cygwin.

Two tests that fail are searching for block device (C02cond) and process
substitution (D03procsubst).


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