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Re: zftp annoyance

On May 24,  3:08pm, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
} Subject: zftp annoyance
} Unfortunately, every time the connection times out and zftp reconnects
} the transfer type is reverting to ASCII. Surely it ought to be restoring
} the transfer type when it reconnects?

How are you managing reconnect on timeout?  Using zfautocheck?

Looks like the zfconfig parameter maintained by the function system should
be storing the transfer type, which it isn't.

} This may just be something related to the particular ftp server

The doc (for raw zftp, not the function system) says:

     The FTP default for a transfer is ASCII.  However, if zftp finds
     that the remote host is a UNIX machine with 8-bit byes, it will
     automatically switch to using binary for file transfers upon open.

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