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Re: compctl -y problem.

(Part of this thread went to zsh-workers ... returning now to zsh-users
with a workaround)

On May 25,  3:11pm, Bart Schaefer wrote:
} I know Sven won't be thrilled about being asked to fix anything in the
} old compctl code ... perhaps we should just remove the `-y' option, as
} it's new since 3.0 anyway, and document the correct way to achieve the
} same effect by using the new completion system (which, incidentally, I
} don't know how to do ... `compadd -d' doesn't quite cut it).

On further reading of the compadd doc, `compadd -ld ...' appears to be
the thing to do, though it's a bit convoluted.

autoload -U compinit

function _aecd {
  local change_descriptions reply
  # Force change_descriptions to be a one-element array
  change_descriptions=("$(aereport changes -unf | grep -v completed)")
  # The name "reply" is not special here, I just happened to use it
  reply=($(aereport changes -terse | grep -v completed | sed -e 's/ .*$//'))
  # Display the change_descriptions in place of the first completion
  compadd -ld change_descriptions $reply[1]
  # Add the rest of the completions, but don't display them in the list
  compadd -na 'reply[2,-1]'
  # Force the list to appear so the descriptions are visible
  compstate[list]='list force'
compdef _aecd aecd

It does appear that "compadd -d" still produces a sub-optimal display in
this case if there are any lines in $change_descriptions that have exactly
$COLUMNS characters; but it properly returns the cursor to the right spot
even so.

I don't know what the output of `aereport changes` looks like, so it may
be that there's a simpler solution.  For example, if the same number of
lines will be returned by `aereport changes -unf` and `... -terse`, this
will work:

function _aecd {
  local change_descriptions reply
  change_descriptions=(${(f)"$(aereport changes -unf | grep -v completed)"})
  reply=($(aereport changes -terse | grep -v completed | sed -e 's/ .*$//'))
  compadd -ld change_descriptions -a reply
  compstate[list]='list force'

You may also wish to drop that compstate[list] assignment and instead use
the force-list style to control it:

zstyle ':completion:*:aecd' force-list always

See the manual for more.

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