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Re: PATCH: ZLS_COLORS/ZLS_COLOURS consistency in _setup

Clint Adams wrote:

> This attempts to follow the course of action outlined as option #1
> in the message included after the patch, though I agree that clobbering
> those parameters is counterintuitive.

Hm. I'm almost constantly amazed by all the things we people consider
`intuitive' these days ;-)

But anyway... there is no way around this if we want to be able to
define context-specific colors. Which we want.

> I wonder why ZLS_COLORS and ZLS_COLOURS aren't linked together
> as special parameters by zsh/complist. 

Probably mostly simplicity in the C-code.  These two aren't special in
any way.  The code just looks them up.

> I also think the precedence
> of those two should be documented.

Hm, they are mentioned in the order in which they are looked up[1].


[1] So `COLORS' comes first.  And that from me.  I would have guessed
    it were the other way round.  How counterintuitive.

Sven Wischnowsky                         wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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