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Re: Proposed announcement for 4.0.1

Oliver Kiddle wrote:
> Good. I think it might be a good idea if all the 3.0.8 patches from
> sourceforge are put together and released as 3.0.8a or 3.0.9 or
> something. 3.0 is still sometimes useful and I think it would be handy
> to have a final definitive release of 3.0 to refer to.

That's up to Bart if he feels like doing it.

> > Someone better remind me to move the
> > contents of ChangeLog-Release and ChangeLog to Changelog-4.0 and create a
> The `Version' section of the README file also needs updating.

Also, I've noticed some tweaks in INSTALL after Andrej mentioned it, for
example I think it would help the impatient if the list of features right
at the end showed default settings.  I'll try and look at this.

> There's quite a few problems on IRIX 5.3 which is now very old anyway so
> I'll just update it out of Etc/MACHINES. It might be wise to remove some
> of the other old entries from it too where we haven't had a positive
> report in a long time (i.e. Cray, Data General, Next, Sco, Siemens).

I suggest making a list of these at the end, with a note saying it may
build on them but we haven't had reports, and if anyone does have a report
would they please send it.

> I've removed the architectures next to the Linux entry because after
> adding sparc, alpha, AMD Athlon, ia64 etc the list would be getting
> silly.

Fine, it might be an idea to mention it's expected to work on both 32-bit
and 64-bit processors.

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