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Re: zshbuiltins.1

On May 30,  4:48pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} Subject: zshbuiltins.1
} Yodl seems to be inserting too many .RE's after the `read' entry in
} zshbuiltins.1 which is confusing nroff here:  all the remaining entries
} appear without the usual indentation.  Alternatively, Solaris's nroff
} may not be handling multiple sets of indentation properly.  Is anyone old
} enough to be familiar enough with nroff to know which?

I'm presumably old enough -- wrote my PhD thesis in *roff -- but I don't
have a solaris system handy to play with.

This is probably related to my patch in 12724, which I committed on
2001-03-28.  The symptoms you're describing sound identical to those I
was experiencing before that patch.  You could try backing it out again
and see whether that fixes things for you.  If so, then we have an
irreconcilable difference between GNU nroff and solaris nroff ...

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