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Re: PATCH: documentation changes

On May 30,  4:58pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} Subject: PATCH: documentation changes
} Here are some changes for the documentation, in particular INSTALL and
} README, which you may want to check in case I've got it completely wrong.

Looks OK to me except for this one:

} +omit-modules=mod1,.. # don't compile or install the modules named mod1,...

configure doesn't support --enable-omit-modules any more.

} The list of incompatibilities from 3.0 in README is probably rather
} incomplete, has anyone (not *necessarily* Bart) been keeping better
} track?

 o  History file format is incompatible with versions older than 3.0.6,
    but this should only affect people who try to share history files
    between the two versions -- 4.0 can read the old format, 3.0.6 and
    later can read the new format.  Just beware of INC_APPEND_HISTORY,
    which could conceivably mix the two.

 o  Default compctl completions have been removed for some builtin
    commands.  Either use the new compinit-derived system, use the
    improved compctls from Misc/compctl-examples, or restore these
    equivalents yourself:
	compctl -b bindkey
	compctl -v export typeset vared
	compctl -o setopt unsetopt
	compctl -c which

There are some other incompatibilities with versions prior to 3.0.6 (this
is from the 3.0.8 Etc/NEWS file):

 o  whitespace between words is ignored in history searches.
 o  nested parameter substitutions require braces (this was always the
    documented behavior, but previous parsers didn't enforce it).
 o  `typeset +f' and `functions +' output the names (only) of functions.
 o  `foo=bar >&file' is a redirection, not a NULLCMD.
 o  ERREXIT behavior is now consistent with newer Bourne-like shells,
    e.g. with respect to `if' tests that fail.

If there are any other not-backwards-compatible changes, they aren't ones
that affected my .zshrc et al. files, so I didn't keep track of them ...

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